Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The Bad: Godpa told me he tried some mee siam recently at the renovated basement food court of Orchard Cineleisure. Well, tastes are subjective but to him, the beehoon was stiff, the gravy too sweet and thick, the fish cakes sour(turned bad?), and the whole thing was prepared in microwave along with the gravy. Caveat emptor.

The Ugly: Godpa was feeling a bit down yesterday and he indulged himself in some retail therapy. He should have indulged in getting more treats or toys for me! Ok, the shoes do look comfortable and good on him.

The Good: To compensate for lousy mee siam earlier in the week, godpa had much better mee rebus at the Marina Square food court yesterday. It's from the stall selling the famous nasi lemak and popiah.

Obviously this is not a food blog, so here's more updates on me. We went to the dog run yesterday late morning and we had a swell time, or at least godpa tried to coax me to enjoy the company of other dogs. I had the experience of being pinned down by a big girl also named Nikki. She's a 2yr old German Shepherd Collie mix and was there with her doggy mum, Nana. Nikki was equally a tough gal, she pinned me down with her big jaws and her human companions apologised to godpa about it. I was a little apprehensive but godpa was cool with the whole episode as he thinks it's good doggy socialization lesson for me. We learnt Nana was also an adopted dog, rescued from SPCA. Nikki's actually quite playful, chasing after dogs in the park. Because of her breed and size, some humans misunderstand her and worry about their precious pooch being attacked. Poor Nikki. I hope we meet again.

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