Sunday, October 5, 2008

Anyone wanna offer a scholarship?

Yippee! I passed the obedience test today and came in 3rd place. Actually things started off quite badly before the test coz I was in one of those sensitive moods, meaning I snapped at almost any dog that came into range. One poor golden retriever and her owner ended up nipped by me; it was rather embarrassing for godpa and he had to apologize on my behalf. Of course godpa had gotten it worse from me before.

I told godpa he must upload my certificate so it can inspire other naughty dogs and owners to give obedience training a try. From the scoring, I know I'm weak in my "stand for examination" and "recall"; I couldn't wait to take a seat after a stranger caressed me, and I don't sit squarely in front of godpa when he calls me to him. Fortunately minor marks were deducted and my solid sit-stay and down-stay boosted the scores.

Some classmates flunked the test but I couldn't understand how that well trained dachschund girl didn't make it. Perhaps she might also be having mood swings like me otherwise I believe she'd have been the top dog today. Now, godpa's considering whether we should take a break, take up the intermediate class, or go for agility work. Godpa favours agility work coz he thinks I'm a growing young girl and exercise would be great for building my fitness, whereas Uncle Leon thinks more advanced obedience work will be more useful in shaping my character. Choices, choices. For me I just wanna sleep ...

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