Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Al fresco style grooming

Godpa sent the car to the workshop today for routine maintenance. He didn't bring me along coz it's a place with lots of oil and grease that will dirty my coat.

He showed me what he had for lunch: a bowl of simple century egg and peanuts porridge. He sure knows how to compensate for the more sinful curry horfun last night.

When he got home, he and his dad brought me out. I was so excited thinking we're going to the dogrun or something. I should have run off when I saw them packing the clipper and scissors. They were bringing me downstairs for a hair cut! As usual I prefer professionals to do the job, but you can see my paws were trimmed revealing my claws more clearly, and there's also less fur blocking my eyes. Overall I'm quite happy with it. And tomorrow's my birthday that marks 6 months under the care of godpa. Any surprises for me? :)

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