Friday, June 6, 2008


No, I'm not advertising for that Expressions :) unless they have doggy spas. Godpa's been asked to showcase more of me and it's tough for him coz I don't sit still or smile into the lens when he points that big DSLR at me. Frankly I think I need another round of trimming. This morning godpa just realized that his dad cut off my beard yesterday! He said girls don't need a beard *duh* but I'm a chihuahua...oops.

Here are a few shots of me relaxing under the soft glow of the warm morning sun. Don't I look cute? Especially when I cock my head in a curious pose. Godpa was making some funny noises and whistling to attract my attention. Maybe he should have asked me to say "bone" (cheese might work too but I haven't tasted it before) The last pix shows my sexy leg fur, which was trimmed last Sunday and needs alot more work!


Anonymous said...

Beard or no beard, you still look gorgeous !


Anonymous said...

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