Monday, June 16, 2008

Animal Lovers

Godpa didn't bring me out to the dogrun yesterday but I'm fine with it coz he and Uncle Leon went to support the B.R.A (Bank of Rice for Animal Lovers League) event at U Petgamart. They bought some scented incense sticks at the flea mart, and a 15kg bag of Canine Caviar Chicken & Pearl Millet. The kibble sounds tasty but it wasn't meant for me. Imagine 15kg can last me a whole year! They donated it to the ALL folks there who told them that the shelter dogs mainly feed on rice and kibbles. I hope the dogs there get healthy meals just like me.

Godpa also got me a new shampoo that's milder and suited for general use. It's the Groomer's Blend Herbal Extract that a nice chap at the mart recommended. He says it is better for dogs in our hot humid climate as it's rather refreshing. I'll be using the flea and tick shampoo about once a month instead coz it dries up my coat and makes it thin.

Godpa is getting a bit extravagant, he just got a new Sony Ericsson K850i. I think he wants the convenience to take more pictures of me without lugging round a bulky DSLR, or maybe it's just the GSS shopping bug. He's started pointing that device at me this morning!

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