Friday, June 20, 2008

Bad weather

Godpa's ears were ringing last nite after driving me to Uncle Leon's house for a visit. I barked at everything in sight on the trip there and back. I also barked the day before when he tried taking me to Bishan dogrun. We didn't get to the dogrun coz weather bad and partly because of my barking. He didn't give up but drove to Sembawang Park instead. I got to see policemen stationed in a small tent there and also police car and military jeep patrolling the park. I hope they weren't looking for little terrors like me.

It's good that Godpa is more understanding after reading some books. He thinks my barking might be linked to the bad weather and occasional flashes of lightning (heat lightning). I'm my cute quiet self once I feel secure in the house. There was lightning this morning too and I frantically woke godpa up from bed :)


Tigerkiller said...

That's a really nice picture!

Nikki said...

Godpa says the picture not taken by him. He says better attribute it correctly to his friend Roving Light at


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