Monday, June 9, 2008

The green thing

Incredible Hulk? Nah, I vomited some green stuff this morning soon after godpa left for work. I left some gooey puke in his bedroom, luckily godpa's mum didn't grumble much. Actually I think I threw up the whole morning meal :( Godpa thinks it's due to some spoilt veg. So he gave me some rice again mixed with beef to soothe my tummy at night.

Godpa says got doggy movie in June, he not sure whether wanna go yet. Anyway dogs not welcomed into cinemas, so sad, I can't watch. Hmm, actually if I watch maybe feel even more sad coz it's a tear jerker movie....the doggy dies in the story. I encourage those who wanna support doggy charities like ASD to get special limited preview tickets from And here's the trailer in Japanese
*sob* Here are the 10 Promises:
1: 請與我耐心地交往。
2: 請相信我。如果你相信我,我就變得幸福。
3: 我也有心靈。請別忘記。
4: 如果我不聽你的話,那時候我必定有理由。
5: 請多一點對我搭話。我不會說人的言詞,可是我理解你說什麼。
6: 請別打我。請你想起來,如果我認真得與你比力氣,我比你強。
7: 我老了之後也我們是永遠的好朋友吧?
8: 你每天上學,有很多朋友。可是我只有你。
9: 我能生活僅僅十年左右,所以請你多一點與我在一起。
10 我死的時候,請你在我身旁。請記住,我一直愛你...

1: Give me time to understand what you want of me
2: Place your trust in me, it's crucial to my well-being
3: I am a being with emotions, please do not forget this
4: Before you scold me, ask yourself if something might be bothering me
5: Talk to me sometimes. Even if I don't understand your words I do understand your voice when you're speaking to me.
6: Remember before you hit me, I have teeth that could hurt you, but that I choose not to bite you
7: Take care of me when I grow old
8: You have your work, your entertainment, and your friends. I have only you
9: My life is likely to last only about 10 years. Please spend more time with me
10: Please accompany me during my last days, and remember that I will always love you

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