Monday, June 23, 2008

Wet weather

The weather has not been great these days. On Sunday morning godpa planned to sleep in late and he even made sure I cleared my bowels and bladder the night before. Around 4am, there was lightning and a loud clap of thunder, and so I shook godpa up to sayang me :) He tried to calm me down with my rope toy and playing Qi Yu's CD album. It only worked a while, then godpa went to sleep on the sofa so that I'll feel safer being closer to him. He doesn't allow me on his bed even though it's a huge bed.

The picture above has nothing to do with me, just godpa playing with his camera phone, though I'd like to try that ice kachang some day :)

Today godpa's dad bathed me. Do I have a nice wet look? Both of them trimmed my fur right after I got blown dry. I don't like my beautiful locks to be cut! I protested but in the end got trimmed around my belly, chin, and ears.

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