Monday, June 2, 2008

Fashion cut

Yesterday godpa and Uncle Leon gave me a fur cut, well they actually just worked on the leg fur and some stray body fur. They didn't manage to trim my paw and face fur coz I'm still ticklish to the idea. They used the Philips QG3080 which they specially bought for me, it's a handy rechargeable clipper which is much more worthwhile then those branded ones for doggies. Costs S$99.90 from Courts Tampines. It was a tiring thing for them trying to coax me to get cut, I think they may give up and look for a groomer :) Anyway the clipper has 6 functions and godpa says can always use to cut human hair.

We went back to PMDR again on Sunday morning, and I got to meet that husky who was running the obstacle course last week. Well, we didn't actually meet coz I just barged into his training as he ran the course. At one point he had to jump over me to avoid crashing into me while coming down a ramp. I think his owner found me cute but irritating :P

We also met a gang of 4 shih tzus who were barkish at every dog that came into their path. I saw them cowering when scolded every now and then by a man who seemed to be head of the human household. I had my own heated quarrel with them too coz godpa knew I could handle it on my own. Still I pity them coz they seemed to be fearful of their owner.

Before we left PMDR, a cute puppy chihuahua came in carried by an uncle. Closely tagging behind was a young boy about 7yrs old, probably his son. The boy asked to carry the wawa which seemed so sweet. Suddenly he just threw her to the floor! I think godpa's heart dropped to the floor too. What was the boy thinking in his mind? A wawa is so frail, furthermore it's a pup. The uncle just gave him a quick reprimand and left the dogrun as they seemed to be passing through the run as a shortcut to their car. I do hope the dog was not bought for the boy's pleasure.

Anyway, not to have Monday blues, godpa found this nice Peanuts strip to lighten the mood.


Anonymous said...

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Tigerkiller said...

Cut it all off!!! PICTURE! PICTURE!


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