Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Godpa's post in a doggy forum...

This is what godpa says of adopting me, so sweet.

After adopting Nikki, I've learnt

1) She can be as affectionate as a cat. She sits at my feet whenever I'm home. When there's lightning or thunder she'll look for comfort huggy.gif

2) Accept dogs as they are, not all can be "obedience trained", not all are sociable with their own kind. Mine has certain fears and anxieties which I'm still trying to understand and help her with cool.gif

3) I can now distinguish between her stance for peeing and pooping rolleyes.gif

4) She is a small dog with a zest for running. She darts around so fast in the park I should rename her Flash

5) She loves standing on her hind legs and we sometimes dance together doing the dog-trot

6) I now have 2 alarm clocks to wake me in the morning. She's usually earlier than my preset wake-up time

7) She will "tell" me she has a problem like upset tummy by pacing around in the house

8) That I have no regrets adopting an adult dog

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