Sunday, September 21, 2008

Obedience school break!

It's time for a school break! Godpa's going away on a vacation in Taiwan and we'll be missing next week's obedience class. He's kind of nervous because that's the class preparing us for the exam. He's also worried I may forget my learnings after a week without my daily trainings.

My Down-stay is solid now, a full 5 minutes without flinching even when classmates are barking or moving about. Yesterday I was asked to do off leash with godpa and the results were very good actually, so godpa need not fret. I promise I'll run through the lessons in my head while I laze around at home :)

Godpa's packed his luggage and all ready for the flight today, how I wish I could be smuggled in with him to visit all the nice Taiwanese dogs. Hmm, I pretty much whine during car rides so getting cooped up in a plane will probably be worse. Bye bye godpa, I will miss you, see you on 29 Sep! Oh ya, I may grow a little chubbier with the extra dinner meals your parents feed me :P

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