Monday, July 14, 2008


Godpa's birthday is coming next month, I wonder what presents I should give him. I don't think he likes my surprises like pooping in the bedroom. Perhaps he'll like a story book about dogs, something like Marley & Me, though the doggy featured is a labrador retriever and no where resembles me in cuteness. I see godpa lugging a big blue bag to work everyday, he keeps many things there like his notes, planner, pencil case, library books (about dogs of course!), phone charger, umbrella. Heck, I think if it's big enough he might pack me in too :) The bag looks bulgy and uncool but I guess it's practical coz it was a free bag anyway. Godpa says the bag can't look too cool becoz of his work. Plain, simple, no big brands shouting out for attention. The current bag is a bit floppy though, a bit like my ears :) Godpa says he just wants me to be a good quiet dog when people visit the house next month. That shouldn't be too hard with ample treats.

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