Monday, July 28, 2008

Resistance is futile

Godpa enrolled himself for obedience training! Yep, he will be starting on a class this Saturday for my sake. It will be hard work for him but he says I would also have to prepare myself for some tough times ahead. It has been 4 months of bonding with godpa and he feels we're both ready to go through with it.

Yesterday the weather was gloomy but we went ahead to visit the dogrun in the late morning. This time there was just 4 other dogs so I could comfortably run about on my own. I barked quite a lot yesterday, especially at things outside the fence.

Nowadays, I don't get to ride the car in front with godpa because I get too excited and bark till godpa's ears ring. For my own safety and also to help godpa focus on driving, I get to rest in my crate at the back of the car. The view is not fantastic but it's a lot more comfortable for both of us.


Joanne said...

You look cute in that crate photo !
As always,nice post.

Nikki said...

Godpa says I need a professional trim soon. I've a shaggy look on bad hair days. Not sure what sort of cut I should go for.

joanne said...

Dear Nikki, I can't advise you on that. But since the weather is so hot now.. short coat should do just fine. It'll be much easier for your godpa to manage.
I had my groomer shaved my dogs "botak" two days ago ! Gone with the schnauzer look. But I bet they feel much lighter and comfortable now. No more tangled hairs


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