Thursday, July 17, 2008

Batteries not included

I like to swing my toys wildly. Godpa wonders if I'm at play or treating it like a prey. An old rubber barbell toy was ignored by me for over 3 months, so godpa decided to try and "charge" the toy while I was in a playful mood after meal, and then giving it as a reward for sitting down. Rubber tastes different from the rope and cloth stuff but certainly has more chomp. It happens the toy was sold as Chomp Champion or something.

After play, I helped myself to a piece of chinchilla poop that rolled in front of me. It was small, black and sort of crispy. Godpa was amused and wondered if this could mean recycling the chinchilla poop to become the latest dog treat. Afterall, how organic can it get as the boys feed on a controlled natural diet of quality timothy hay, pellets, and distilled water.

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