Saturday, July 5, 2008

My chin friends

When I first came to godpa's home, I knew I was not alone even when the humans were out. There were 2 chins to keep me company. Some dog people think chins are a breed of dogs, it happened before to godpa when he made vet appointments and they thought it was for a Japanese Chin or Chihuahua. Benji is a pink white chinchilla, and Rocky is an afro-violet. Chins have more interesting color mutations than dogs I think. Both of them are about 8 years old. Godpa says these are not his first chins, the first baby, Bobby, had died 8 years ago from diarrhea complications while on the operating table. Since then, he has been keeping 2 chins so that they can keep each other company. They get aircon treatment on hot days because they die easily from heat strokes. Rocky's predecessor, also named Rocky had died of heat stroke one hot afternoon and godpa only knew when he returned from work and found the poor boy motionless with some blood from his nose.

The 2 boys have a strict diet of distilled water, APD timothy hay, and Mazuri pellets. Sometimes I see godpa give treats like apple twigs, rose hips, and rose buds. I do get jealous and look pleadingly to try some. Fortunately godpa gives me other health treats like fresh fruits. Other than good food, I get good rest too. Occasionally getting a suntan :)

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