Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Woof woof here and a woof woof there

I was at the dogrun today with godpa and his dad. But I think I scared off many potential friends with my barking *sob* Luckily some doggies like this corgi was very patient with me, I've seen him a few times and we seem to be fine with each other. By the way, his name is Corgi.

I was whining quite a bit today, godpa says maybe I'm more fearful after the encounter with a JRT in the estate last night. Apparently the owner didn't hold the leash as she was busy chatting on the handphone, and the JRT charged up to me and we had a short tussle. Godpa was shocked and could only try to pull me away. The lady came and carried the rude girl away apologizing to godpa quite a few times. I didn't feel good after that encounter and for some time just sat around not wanting to walk further. Somehow I know sitting is safe with godpa beside me.

I did something good that pleased godpa at the dogrun today. I listened to him and sat down a few times. I also sat down when wearing my leash to go home. I'm usually very distracted outdoors but my feelings for godpa help me focus better.

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