Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who's afraid of the big bad ...

Godpa took me on a walk out of the estate this afternoon, it's not my first time but somehow I was rather disturbed and barked at all the cars passing by. Later, we reached a plateau of open grass area where godpa spotted 2 large dogs running off leash! Now he was the one who got disturbed and quickly turned us around to head home. I didn't see the dogs coz I'm much shorter than godpa but I got a whiff of them. Godpa says the dog owner is irresponsible because she did not consider the risk it poses to other doggies. Back near the roads, I resumed my barking and pulling. Godpa tried to calm me down by stopping and using treats to get me to sit. I did try to sit which is much better than last time but still could not calm down. In the end, godpa picked me up and I was carried home like a big baby.

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