Friday, July 11, 2008

Zoom Zoom Zoom

That's me, zooming around in the dog run yesterday! Running after me is an aggressive white guy, too bad not prince charming on white horse. He's similar to me in some ways, small in stature and barkish. But he can keep on barking even when others retreat. For me I'm just fearful and bark to ward others off. Regardless, we had plenty of running exercise yesterday.

Godpa took time to bring me out on a weekday afternoon. We spent an hour at Bishan park and it seems many dogs prefer that time and brought their owners there. Many came to greet me but I prefer to keep my distance and stick by godpa's side. Some humans found me amusing as I repeatedly sprang forward to run after others and quickly retreated back to godpa.

While at Uncle Leon's place later, I got weighed in at 4.3 kg and godpa was surprised at my growth. Looking back at my older photos you can see my face has grown rounder. I've also gotten more muscles around my legs. I still feel bony around my rump, and godpa says I'm considered lean because my ribs can be felt easily.

Let's see how much I've grown:
29 March: 3.1 kg
23 June: 3.7 kg
10 July: 4.3 kg

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