Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bad news, good news

Bad news, I scratched the wood around godpa's bedroom door this morning. I guess I was desperate to see him. Luckily his dad sandpapered the spots and they now look alright.

Onto the good stuff. Godpa went to recce the Canberra dogrun and he says it looks nice, a bit small but the surrounding is pleasant wide open greenery and very accessible by car. The location is at Blk 486 Admiralty Link. There are even pavilions for resting. Godpa says he'll bring me there one day maybe with the rest of his family, a sort of picnic cum dogrun. Yeah!

Right after recce, godpa came home and I got a fur trim down! Look at all the fur I lost. I guess it's alright since the weather's so hot these days.


Uncle Leon said...

Post her new trimmed looks leh...

Nikki said...

Godpa says it was late and lighting not good, maybe take photo tomorrow


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