Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3yr 1 month old

Today is my birthday. Although I don't know my actual birthday, I'm glad godpa decided that my adoption into his home marks a new life for me. My life has changed dramatically since my days of wandering in the wilderness of Seletar West farm area. It all started with Bear, Bruno, and his pa (Uncle TK) picking me up as a stray who wandered near their home. I was a bundle of messy hairball then so they sent me to have a neat trim, fed me well, comforted me, and got me all ready to look for a new home.

I'm not sure why I was brought into this world and abandoned. Godpa guessed that maybe I was the result of backyard breeding, trying to cross a mini schnauzer with a chihuahua to produce a teacup schnauzer. And somehow I didn't get sold as a puppy so eventually I was abandoned when I outgrew my cute puppy looks. Uncle TK said I looked more like a yorkie cross coz I had long fur. It's interesting to learn that I'm considered a designer dog, makes me sound very high class right? :) Anyhow, godpa prefers to call me an MSX (mini schnauzer cross), it sounds kind of techie like the sports car, Honda NSX.

I'll never know what my previous owners think of me but I know godpa finds me very affectionate. I'm rather sticky and up till today I still follow right behind him in the house. I can be found laying down quietly at his feet when he's having breakfast, watching TV, or surfing the Net. I wait for him at the door when he goes to the bathroom, and I eagerly watch by the bed side for him to wake in the morning.

I'm a cheerful doggy, especially when I see the leash or see godpa go into the kitchen for my morning meal. I'll be prancing all around him, sometimes standing on my hind legs with anticipation. I recently got used to the combing and brushing that godpa does, and get so comfortable that I flip over belly up so he could give me a rub rub :)

I'm also very good in cleaning up all my food and being a quiet well behaved doggy at home. Given all my good points, it certainly gives godpa hope that my outdoor behaviours can improve.
Godpa is busy tonight and will be home late so he may not have any special plans or gifts for me. I told him I'm pretty contented already, I'm grateful for his presence in my life.

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Joanne said...

Happy Birthday Nikki !
You are such a sweet little girl !
I am sure you'll be well protected and love by your family !


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