Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day run

Today we went to the Pet Movers dog run (PMDR) at Pasir Ris. I met many small dogs there in the smaller run area, then we went out to the larger area to meet big dogs. I was shy today and didn't dart around like I used to. Godpa and Uncle Leon didn't make me run coz yesterday afternoon I had a good jog just outside of godpa's place. We met Jamie again while in the shop, and godpa finally found the Gentle Leader that fit me nicely. The shop people were good enough to let me try it on. He'll watch the instruction video first. Hopefully it'll help me walk on leash nicely in future.

After the dog run, we headed to East Coast park around Macdonald area hoping to get lunch. Sad to say we could not find an establishment that was dog friendly, we even got "chased" out of a HK style cafe that had outdoor seating. In the end, good old Airport Road hawker centre was alot more accomodating as they had outdoor seating with large umbrella shade. Back home now for a good afternoon nap...

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