Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Godpa's home

I was alone at home when the front door opened, and someone familiar stood looking at me. I hesitated a while some distance away. The figure lugged a luggage and some bags. It was godpa! I went forward and welcomed him. As usual godpa played it cool and unpacked some stuff before petting me and allowing me to kiss him.

Godpa says he went to visit many old temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia, some over a millennium old! It was the famous Angkor region where the Angkor Wat could be found. He says the people there keep dogs who can be seen everywhere roaming the villages and city area. The guesthouse where he stayed had a nice black corgi like dog. He says the people aren't very well off but dogs seem to be well cared for, they sure sound like very nice people.

Khmer human food there was very close to Chinese, a bit more salty and some dishes had lots of coconut, like the national dish, Amok. As for doggies, godpa didn't see what they were fed but he believes it should be table scraps. Hmm, spicy table scraps might be yummy :P

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