Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bon Voyage! 一路顺风

Godpa came home earlier today to pack for his vacation in Siem Reap. He planned to bathe me but his dad beat him to it. He did get to comb and blow me dry though. Godpa's gonna be away till 20 May so no blog updates from me as my paws can't type on the keyboard.

Godpa's gonna miss me a lot so he's been cuddling me more often. He even jogged with me this morning coz he knows no dogrun for me this weekend. And tonight he's gonna give me some rice again to make sure my tummy remains stable. He's even put my photo as handphone wallpaper, so sweet. Godpa has been with me everyday since adoption so this will be the first time we are apart for so long. I told him I'll be a good girl and will welcome him back home with a big lick.

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