Monday, May 5, 2008

Me shy?

Gosh, Uncle Leon told godpa that the mini schnauzer we kept meeting isn't Jamie. I knew it wasn't him coz I could smell him out but I didn't want to embarrass godpa :) Anyway last Sunday, we went to Bishan park dog run earlier than usual so we could have more time and also meet more doggies. It was unusual for godpa coz I'm now more shy around dogs and prefer to stick by his side. He kept moving around to encourage me to mix around but I'm no social butterfly. When friendly dogs come look for me and sniff me out I just sit down and ignore them. If anyone gets too close I'll give warning growls but rarely snap at them.

On leash, I'm still quite unpredictable. The Gentle Leader makes walks a little more pleasant for godpa as I no longer pull. But it doesn't stop me from getting excited and barking away at some dogs and some people. Uncle Leon says I should enroll in some obedience class after godpa comes back from his holiday in Cambodia. I'll miss godpa when he's away...

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