Monday, May 26, 2008

Training to be ...

"Training to be soldiers, to fight for our land, once in our life ...". Godpa thinks of sending me for obedience training. I don't think I'll like it with all the commands and drill. Mixing with other "recruits" is not my idea of fun too. I like things as they are, carefree and don't have to work very hard to be loved and fed. Godpa assures me he will be looking around seriously before investing those few hundred dollars. So far he's viewed 2 classes and they look very similar in their approach using collar corrections generously. Both class sizes were quite big at 10 pairs of dogs and humans so it seemed rather haphazard when the dogs started walking the humans *oops* I meant humans walking the dogs.

Godpa's still reading books on dogs, and he discovered the library at Hougang Mall has a large collection of doggy books! He recently bought ear cleaning solution to clear my ears which Uncle Leon says is making me smell like a dog. Godpa's considering to get me groomed too coz I'm starting to look pretty unkempt. At the same time, he's curious to see how I look in long fur so he may wait longer.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki dear, do you think your Godpa mind posting some of your recent photos here ?
Will love to see you in longer fur..




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