Monday, May 12, 2008

Heavy heart

Godpa's heart sank when his dad told him my poop had some blood this afternoon. He assured godpa that it was just a little bit. Godpa had experienced 2 pet deaths in the past, the first was his first pet chinchilla, a baby boy, who died after diarrhea, constipation, and finally complications from a rectal prolapse. It was a long painful process for the boy and he finally passed away while in surgery. The second death was also a chinchilla boy, an older one, whom godpa found dead one day after work. It was very sudden, and the poor boy died lying on his side with some fluid oozing from his mouth, it was likely due to heat stroke. I'm godpa's first dog so he's rather anxious about my health and happiness.

Godpa quickly called the vet and they checked how long I had constipated and whether I vomited. I didn't vomit at all and am still my usual active self. The vet assistant advised godpa to put a teaspoon of cooking oil in my meal. Godpa gave me an extra meal tonight. He added in rice to have more bulk to move my bowels, along with cooked broccoli and pork. He can only hope that I'll pass some motion tomorrow and clear any blockage. If nothing comes out, he's planned to take urgent leave to bring me to Dr. Tan. Poor godpa, he's going for a vacation this Thursday morning and that makes him more stressed about leaving me.

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