Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Godpa's so relieved that I had a nice poop this morning! No more liquid stuff and no more straining. He collected it with kitchen towel so he could inspect it for blood, and none was found. He could spot some broccoli that was partially digested though, and he's hoping to do something about the veg preparation after his vacation. There wasn't any particular hard stuff in the poop so godpa thinks my problem could be due to colitis from bacteria of the spoilt veg.

I could sense godpa's lightness as he walked me this morning, we went for a longer walk around the estate coz he will miss me when he's away. I've become better at walks, I do get excited when seeing some people and dogs but no more agitated barking. The only thing I really get bothered by is the cleaner uncle who wields a big broom made from coconut palm fronds. Godpa makes sure he walks me past him when we see him so as to desensitize me. Godpa has grown thick face enough to just smile and give an amused look at the cleaner uncle.

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Uncle Leon said...

Uncle Leon is relieved to learn about my betterment.


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