Saturday, May 10, 2008

Upset tummy

Sigh, past few days I've been pooping in godpa's bedroom early in the morning. I usually try to warn him by waking him up. It's been soft poop so godpa thinks it could be the vegetable that might have turned bad. He had already discarded it and now just hoping things clear up soon and I can control myself better. This morning around 4.30am I got so anxious over thunder and lightning that I jumped up on the bed to wake godpa. He just told me "Off!" and pushed me aside so as not to get me too dependent on him. Turns out I also pooped :P

Godpa has been experimenting to change his leash handling style. He's just letting me lead the way and not surprisingly I hardly bark now. I get anxious sometimes but the barking's stopped for now. Both of us are happier :)

Godpa weighed me a few days ago, guess what, I increased from 3.18kg to 3.5kg since adoption! Don't worry I'm still looking trim and fit :)

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