Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunny weekend

Last Saturday morning, godpa changed my routine by giving me food first and then waited for me to pee/poo. Little did he realize I was very good at bowel control :) He gave up after waiting till around 10am, then brought me out to eliminate.

Sunday early morning and this morning's walk in the estate was quite bad coz I went bonkers for no apparent reason, even barking at people who walked past. I had initial problems too when we arrived at Bishan Park late Sunday morning but godpa, with support from Uncle Leon, boldy brought me into the dog run. I was the lone dog there for a while, chasing godpa around the field, making him sweat.

Things were really exciting when a male white doggy came in with his young mama and friend. I ran up to meet him and we became good playmates. He's cute, though a little chubby and slow, basically I ran circles around him. I showed everyone my real talents that day, I was so agile and darted around at great speed. Uncle Leon said I looked silly with my tongue hanging out sideways as I ran. Looks like I'm the type who likes to chase things, when I see my playmate run, I go after him. Outside the dogrun I was eager and managed to make friends with a few other dogs too. There was a horny male pomeranian who thought I was an easy girl but I showed him who's the boss :)

This morning's meal was a bit special coz Uncle Leon made me some boiled brocolli and carrots yesterday. Godpa was glad that I cleaned out the bowl as usual. He's a bit concerned about my very small poo past 2 days so hopefully the vegetables would help.

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Tigerkiller said...

Remember to remind Uncle Leon to GRATE the veges and turn them to mush or else your tummy cannot digest it.


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