Monday, April 28, 2008

I love jalan jalan

It was another great weekend for godpa, Uncle Leon, and me. We spent the whole Saturday outdoors starting with Bishan park dog run in the morning, then visiting the SKC show at Kallang Leisure Park in the afternoon.

I met many more dogs at the run and overall godpa was glad that I had fun darting around and mixing with other dogs. As usual I didn't do too good on leash just outside the dog run. I even barked while in the car watching some poor guys doing the CWO (Corrective Work Order). We met Jamie (the boy MS who came on my adoption day) and his pa and ma. There was much running that day for all of us. We had so much fun godpa almost forgot to take photos. I love marking places with little golden droplets and godpa actually caught me on camera! Naughty godpa.
I had photos taken with godpa and Uncle Leon too. You'd have noticed my attention wasn't exactly on the camera. Great photo anyway. We left at lunch time and I miss the place already.

During lunch time, Uncle Leon put me up at his place for a rest. Later we went to the SKC show where I stepped into an air-conditioned shopping centre for the first time! I peed on the organizer's carpet, which fortunately was better than creating an obvious puddle on the marble floor. The place was echoing with dog barks and I took the cue to join in the chorus too ;) I saw very obedient dogs in warm-up practice and very fast ones running the agility circuit too. Godpa wonders if I can be like them someday. Overall the event, including the retail booths, wasn't fantastic and I think many doggies felt the same. We visited Pets Kampong upstairs where godpa bought me a bath massage brush and we ended the day taking a short look at the car rally just out at a nearby car park. Back home I was given a good scrub down with the massage brush. Godpa managed to do a good job blowing me dry while combing me at the same time, he imagined he was some fancy dog stylist :)

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