Monday, April 14, 2008


Godpa's dad bathed me yesterday so I'm freshened for the week ahead in anticipation of godpa's lessons with me. We understand each other based on the following vocab:
* Nikki - that's my name and I usually respond to it
* Come - I'll return to godpa's side after my little adventures
* Heel - I try to walk beside him while on leash though I'm a little ahead as I get very excited about walking
* Let's go - that's used when whoever takes my leash wants to change direction or move me forward
* Off! - that's to let me know I shouldn't be climbing up on things. I usually perch my front paws on godpa's knees to welcome him home.
* Paw paw - that's my cue to let godpa clean all my paws.
* Shake hand - godpa's dad prefers to just shake my front paws
* No! - that's what godpa says loudly when he wants me to stop doing something. I've been a good girl so he seldom needs to say "no" to me.

Amazingly I never learnt "sit" yet so godpa started coaching me yesterday, and I managed to get it right on a few times :) I can't wait for the next lesson coz I get porkliver treats during training *yum*

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