Friday, April 11, 2008


Last evening, godpa's dad brought me out for a walk and I did quite well coz I didn't bark as we went past that house with the noisy dog. I am a fast mover though and bullied his dad a bit by leading most of the time. This morning, I finally made friendly passes at a pomeranian who came out with his mama. I was a bit nervous but we managed to have some nose to nose explorations before parting ways. Godpa was so happy we took a short run. I love running :)

Tomorrow I'm going to see Dr. Tan to remove my stitches, and I'll be getting my very own microchip pet ID! Finally I'll be a dog citizen. I wonder if they have doggy elections? I recall being very frightened after my spaying there but this time I'll show everyone how confident I've become. Uncle Leon's coming too and we'll have some fun together before sending me home.

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