Sunday, April 13, 2008

Patients, patience

I was the first patient at the vet's so things were quiet and I got so comfortable I peed a big puddle right in the middle on the clinic floor. The stitch removal was over and done with in the blink of an eye, and the microchip injection was just a little ant bite. And I thought we could all go home soon, but since I was so confident godpa requested for a heartworm check and I had to get blood sample drawn from my leg *ouch* Fortunately I was negative for heartworm and godpa will be giving me Heartgard for the next 6 months. The vet assistant says its chewy and tasty *yum* It's a good thing godpa reminded them of my history as they nearly gave me Heartgard without a test.

At the vet, I met many nice dogs of all shapes and sizes. Some were crosses just like me and they were all well behaved. I found that I could actually like other dogs once I got the patience to sniff them out. I saw a yorkie come in because of bleeding and his papa said there was blood all over the house. Poor boy, I hope he recovers soon. I think I liked the big old bulldog best, she's such a grand old lady even her muzzle was turning grey.

While godpa wasn't feeling great, together with Uncle Leon he still brought me to Bishan park! We didn't have time to go into the dog run because the weather quickly turned bad. But I did get to meet many other dogs passing through the area. I usually get hot when I see the neighborhood JRT but surprisingly I found the JRT there very nice. Let me see what other breeds I met...Beagle, Golden Retriever, Sheltie, MiniSchnauzer, and even a Cavapoo from Australia with her Aussie human parents! There was only one little dog I didn't like, it was a pomeranian having picnic with her big group of human family.

Later godpa and Uncle Leon went across the road to have lunch at the hawker centre, I came along too and it was my first experience in such a busy place. So much food and so many people! I stuck close to them and managed to keep very cool :) It was a great morning and I look forward to more park excursions!


Joanne said...

Good job Nikki. You are a brave girl

Nikki said...

Thank you. Hope to meet more doggies soon.


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