Wednesday, April 9, 2008


This morning I woke godpa up again but I was more courteous this time, giving just a few soft barks. Godpa had a difficult time with me during morning walk coz I got fierce with a white poodle who was far away, and soon after just a few steps, had problems with a nice crossbreed who gave a friendly hello bark, and lastly followed by a domestic cat who dared to confront me. Godpa shouted to distract me but I was too upset to hear him. Surprisingly godpa gave me treats when things were peaceful, and before entering home, he rewarded me again :)

I'm quite embarrassed as I had a poop accident in the living room while godpa was changing for work. Good thing godpa's dad cleaned it up quickly, otherwise his mum would have been very angry. The poop was partly watery, I don't know why coz I already had a solid poop during the walk. Godpa is wondering if the treats which he used for training me could be the problem. Yeah, does that mean he'll buy new treats for me to try? :)

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