Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sore throat

No, I don't have a sore throat but godpa has it. He was more lethargic this morning so we just had a short walk. He had foresight to walk me last night so I'm pretty happy with him.

Last evening Godpa bought a pack of beefcubes which he found at NTUC, he's quite delighted as it means more convenient and nutritious meals for me. It only cost him $4.50 for 500g (9 cubes). I've been doing well on a mix of raw meats and bones (chicken wing joints, wing tips, pork slice, minced beef) and canned food. Sometimes he adds in the trout kibbles to give variation. Here's what godpa found from the Internet:

He often feels for my ribs to make sure I don't get overweight :)


Tigerkiller said...

remember to remind your godpa that opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one. Just take what he is comfortable with and follow it through.

SaltPop. said...

Do you have to boil or heat up the beefcubes?

I have a mini schnauzer too! :)

Hello TK.



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