Monday, December 29, 2008

Fourth day of Christmas

Yes, we went out today and it was to East Coast Park to join in the fun adoption event for Happy, the Maltese, and Luna, the English Cocker Spaniel. Happy looks really happy, he has a nice temperament even though he's almost as domineering as me. He dared to hump Bear even though he could only mount one of Bear's legs each time.

Luna's such a gentle lady who's well composed amidst all the activities and dogs moving about. She'll look so refined once her coat grows to its full glory.

There was another third dog that came to look for a new home. She's an older Miniature Schnauzer, called Yew Tee because she was found loitering around the Yew Tee area (I'm glad I wasn't named Seletar). After meeting up, I think her temper matches mine.

Of course, Bear and Bruno were there to host the event and ensure everything was in order.

It was more than just socializing activities for me as godpa coaxed me to dip my feet into the sea. I've done a full swim before in Sentosa's lagoon but this time the waves unnerved me a bit. They look like tsunamis to me.

Yes, it is still Christmas and well adorned Christmas trees continue to stand tall. As for me, my bed beckons me to lie flat after a tiring day walking along the coast.

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