Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Zoom zoom!

Godpa watched Bolt in 3D recently. He tells me it's a great movie, not just funny but also touching at times. There's this scene where Mittens teaches Bolt how to beg for food. Imagine a cat teaching a dog its tricks of the trade, I could have shown him my classic pathetic weak and hungry look. It always causes godpa's mum to get concerned over how famished I am (well, I am usually a bit hungry).

We went to the dogrun today amidst perfect weather, the grass was dry and the sunshine moderate. As usual I took a long time to warm up to other dogs, say an hour. Poor godpa then starts to worry about his expired parking coupon.

Look at that giant poodle! She was prancing about like some puffy marshmallow. Lucky for me she was only interested in the big dogs. There was this senior Sheltie dog that was rather friendly to me and often approached me politely. Later I got a bit naughty and bullied a teacup sized Maltese.

There was also this prancing queen in the dogrun that got everyone into circles. I wonder why they call them Cavalier King Charles spaniels when they don't behave like royalty.

Bear's pa got information on another abandoned dog. This time it's a cute Maltese. Godpa wonders whether it's a cruel part of the spring cleaning for Chinese New Year. Some humans "zoom zoom" their dogs in from petshops and similarly "zoom zoom" them out the main door. It's certainly much better to "zoom zoom" in the dogruns.

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