Friday, December 26, 2008

Second day of Christmas

Here we go again, the Santarina hat thingy. Godpa figured out the hat has to be crumpled a certain way in order to show the cute green ribbon and cotton bob on top. As you can tell I'm not that keen unless I can get my chompers on it.

Since godpa's so free this holiday, I've asked him to type in what he submitted to Clubpets.

Nikki's Story
Nikki was adopted from another dog owner, TK. Nikki had wandered into their place near the Seletar farm area. Her fur was all tangled and she was underweight. They cleaned her up and I adopted her right after her spay operation. I believe she is a brave dog who has survived many difficulties, so I named her Nikki the Brave.

Happy Ever After
After adoption, I faced challenges such as helping her overcome her fear and anxiety with other dogs, which was probably because of her past. It's a joy to raise a mixed breed dog because it has made life more meaningful knowing I've made a difference to her life.

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