Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Gift

There are many surprises today. Godpa had been eagerly waiting for the latest CLUBPETS magazine, checking out the nearby petshop almost daily, and he finally found it today. I wondered why the excitement, afterall the cover dog wasn't me but some Chihuahua pretending to be a reindeer with twigs for antlers. Eeks.

When he turned to page 20, I was surprised to find a small feature on me! Apparently godpa had submitted my story for a special feature on "Mutts & Moggies". I'm touched that godpa's life has become even more meaningful after adopting me (someone get me a tissue).

Another surprise. I guess I mocked that Chihuahua too soon. I tried to resist but godpa bribed me with treats and insisted that I pose in a Santarina hat for my fans. Well, at least I look pretty no matter what I wear or don't wear. Godpa says I look like a Christmas elf.


Joanne said...

Hey Nikki, can ask your Godpa to post the article that he wrote about you , please ?

Btw, you look cute with that red hat.

Nikki said...

Ok. Actually godpa says it can be seen if you use the mouse to hit on the photo(poor mouse). He'll type it in soon.


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