Monday, December 15, 2008

Creative play

Godpa has been playing these days with new computing power and a bigger screen. It sort of re-ignited his interest in alien stuff like HTML coding for blogs. He's also jazzed up the graphics to my blog site :)

As for me I've also been playing indoors these days because of the lousy gloomy wet weather.

Maybe the play got a bit rough coz the next thing I knew, my nail fell off during a visit to Uncle Leon's house. The weird thing is, godpa couldn't figure out which toe it came off from. Everything was intact, even the dew claws. Somehow it seemed like a layer of nail just dropped off.

With the cool weather it's also great for cuddling indoors with family and for lazing around after meals. Is this how Christmas feels like?


Joanne said...

Cool, you have a new layout. It's nice ! Your pa did a good job

D0gl0v3r said...

Nice and clean template! <3 Nikki as usual


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