Monday, December 22, 2008

Size matters

Finally some humans have acknowledged the power that small dogs wield. Was pleased to see miniature schnauzers aren't in the statistics but then again shouldn't I fall into "mixed breed"? Heck, humans are so particular, for me the obvious information is all dogs can bite (including moi of course).

I like the second newspaper article coz I can see uncle Patrick! He's such an interesting human, respected by all dogs in class regardless of size and bark. I wonder if godpa will enroll me in next year's classes. I continue to benefit from refresher training by godpa and recently conquered a fear I have of a nasty neighborhood JRT. I didn't bother to even look at her when we met this morning. I guess you could call that 目中无狗 :)

Weather's been good so far and godpa managed to bring me out of the estate for a leisure walk. He's pretty proud of my confidence when crossing traffic junctions, and like any Singaporean I'm very law abiding and sit looking at all sides of the road while waiting for the green man (why no dog?).

Yes, obedience training is great.

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