Thursday, January 1, 2009

The earth has spun an orbit round the sun

In short, it's a new year for all creatures great and small living on this planet. For me, it also means over 9 months being together with godpa. That's a lot of time in doggy life! How I've aged.

Joy seems pervasive during this festive period and it's a good thing to be joyful but godpa is acutely aware of things overlooked, such as a poor puppy in a pet shop with some eye problem. Uncle Leon says it looks like some kind of cataract. The advert said she was on "offer" while other dogs weren't. Some days later she was shifted to a lower display area. Godpa still wonders where pet shop animals disappear to when they're unsold and grow out of puppyhood. How come no one sells adult dogs? Humans always fall for sweet young things, fortunately I'm still sweet though no longer young.

Since it's still festive, godpa wanted to share about food (again). He told me he ate this Indonesian nasi rames (known locally as nasi campur) that made him perspire under cold airconditioning. He says it's "sedap". It's from Food Republic at Vivocity.

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