Monday, January 19, 2009

Beautiful obstruction

We had a big family outing last Saturday to the Marina Barrage. It was everyone's first time there and I'm glad there's another dog friendly spot that I can stride into.

The place is big and beautiful with sweeping curves in its architecture. As it was a sunny afternoon, godpa carried me across the hot concrete areas. Everywhere there was sea water, though godpa says on one side of the barrage it is mostly fresh water.

There were many spots where we could see expansive views of the city skyline and waters, I wonder if the night view would be just as good or better.
There's grassy areas for picnics, and thankfully I had nothing to contribute towards fertilizing the soil.

The only places I couldn't get into were the eateries like the famous 7th Storey restaurant and the Sustainable Singapore Gallery. Uncle Leon says the gallery is nice and there were many interesting exhibits that are worth another visit to thoroughly view them.

As you can tell, I'd be happy to come here again. Now, when's that grooming godpa was telling me ...

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