Thursday, January 1, 2009

New year, new me

I thought godpa would be lazing around the house today since he woke up so late in the morning. It turned out to be an afternoon of fun at the dogrun.

We got there while it was still drizzling but it soon stopped and many more dogs came. It didn't take me long to get warmed up this time round so godpa and Uncle Leon were pleased to see me taking bold steps to socialize on my own. It helps when other dogs take initiative to approach me. There was a young Miniature Schnauzer that I liked to follow around but somehow her human companion was a lot less confident than her dog, so I restrained from playing with her. A big Airedale Terrier was rather pleased to see me and we got along quite well.

Godpa's thinking of bringing me this Saturday to attend an event called Play for Paws where there'll be some performances and a flea market. I hope it'll be another fun day. He tells me Dodo might be there too as he bumped into her family after dinner just now.

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