Sunday, January 4, 2009

Play for paws

Oh yes, we did go to the Play for Paws charity event to support Action for Singapore Dogs. It was our first time visiting West Coast Park. Though the park looked nice, we saw doggy poop lying on the walking path and owners unleashing their dogs outside the dogrun. Godpa put me under command mode so that things went smoothly and I remained positive throughout the excursion.

Within the dogrun, we finally got a sense of how big the place is. Much bigger than the Bishan Park dogrun and the Pet Mover's dogrun at Pasir Ris. There were many more dogs than I'd ever encountered before but the big space and noisy crowd of humans somehow put me at ease.

Overcoming shyness was not that difficult with warm welcomes.

I love to mix with the crowd and received much attention from the folks there. We also met Dodo, Momo, and their family. Godpa noticed how my tail wagged happily sometimes, which he's not seen me do while in dogruns.

I sometimes hear applause and that grabs my attention coz I think I'm the star attraction. You see me running to and fro like a busy social butterfly.

It was a fruitful day of socialising for me, and for godpa he bought some nice mementos to support ASD. Soon after the event, I was bathed and received my first nail cut from godpa. He's such a sly guy, choosing to cut my nails when I'm most vulnerable in the bathroom! But I suppose it's better that way than for godpa to end up with scratches all over him.

Till next time, zzzZzzZZZ ...

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