Thursday, January 8, 2009


Godpa bought me a new toy on a whim (hope he doesn't get any reprimand for that). I guess he wants me to play fetch with him at the dogrun so I could exercise more. I still prefer to run after him so that he gets to lose weight too :)

We went to the BPDR yesterday afternoon, it was a fruitful trip as the grounds were dry and I got to meet more unfamiliar dogs. I'm a lot more adventurous now, building up on the confidence since the Play for Paws event.

Godpa tries hard to introduce friends to me, he even made use of recall command (which he reserves for important occasions) to get me to meet this Cavalier King Charles boy. I think he's abusing his authority!

After getting home from the run, godpa noticed I had this small lump around my neck. He could not see it clearly and I didn't feel comfortable to let him examine it. So he took the opportunity during bath time to take a closer look. Some fur had clumped up but after rinsing he says it looked like there had been some dried pus around the lump. We got a bit worried there, was it an injury, a malignant tumour (cancer!), or the infamous Schnauzer bump (Schnauzer Comedone Syndrome)? Godpa did some reading up and thinks it's most likely some injury though he could not recall any incident of extreme dog sparring recently.

He took me to the vet the very next day. My last trip there was for removing stitches after the spay operation. I was obviously a bit nervious.

Dr. Tan was assisted by godpa and his dad who held me down while my fur was trimmed and cleaned to reveal a wound. Godpa says it looked reddish and was probably a recent wound, Dr. Tan agreed and it was also a good sign because it meant no major infection had set in. After dressing the wound, I received a quick injection on my butt, which was rather uneventful though godpa thought I might shriek or something. Things were settled very fast at the vet, and godpa reminded me it also quickly drained $150 off his wallet.

Godpa knows it's not my fault but anyway he's going to stop the dogrun visits for a week or two till my wound heals.

Should I rejoice or frown? Heck, just feed me well and I won't mind lazing around the house all day. Hmm, godpa found out exactly what his parents feed me at night (the fish gets de-boned). They think I'm a cat? Ok, I do sound like one when I whine. Meeow!


D0gl0v3r said...

Looks a bit like fungal infection, can't really see on the picture though!

<3 Nikki

Nikki said...

No worry, godpa saw the wound himself as the vet cleaned it up. The photos were taken after it got covered with cream and powder.


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