Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Ox, Happy Dog

Shucks, year of the Dog was three years ago. By the time it comes round again I'll be an old bitch. This is probably going to be a major blog update before godpa spends the next few days watching DVDs. I hope he doesn't keep me cooped up at home. He did mention maybe a family outing to Sentosa to see the flower show :)

Good food seems to be a focus for tonight's celebration, the eve of Chinese New Year. Godpa waited an hour to collect roast duck and pork from a neighbourhood shop and the scent of curry spices wafted through the house this morning. It's a family reunion dinner so will I get a portion of the goodies?

In contrast to the Chinese fare, godpa indulged in some modern desserts and coffee with friends last night. One dish is called Devil-misu. It's a variation of traditional tiramisu. I can tell from its looks it probably tastes great too.

He also tried Summer of Pineapple. A bright and cheery looking dish. Yum, when can I try some?

Since it's a new year, godpa asked me to pose for more photos. I'm a little reluctant since I don't get to enjoy any goodies!


Uncle Leon said...

Dun give me curry chicken bones... I wan fresh one, Nikki said.

Nikki said...

Tonight no curry chicken for dinner but I got roast duck and roast pork!


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