Saturday, January 3, 2009

To have and to hold

Dogs are great pals, I know that for sure coz I'm never far from godpa (usually by his feet).

However, not all humans are great pals to their pets. Godpa and me frequently bump into this white JRT (my arch nemesis) who's on a retractable leash walked by a maid (we think). She has no control over the dog and often busy chatting on the phone in a foreign tongue. She probably misses home and takes the opportunity for catching up with friends and relatives. I wonder where's the poor dog's owner.

An accident of out of control dogs happened again recently. I hope the dogs and humans are alright. It seems from godpa's observation that most of these dogs stay on landed properties with gates left opened and are left free to roam. It happened to us too while we were on a walk around an estate with landed properties. Fortunately only a curious golden retriever came running out to greet us. I think godpa will bring along a big umbrella for protecting me the next time we walk through such estates.

So much for serious stuff. On a lighter note, I'm glad I have two older but gentler brothers. Godpa thinks they're too fragile for me to play. They're really cute and look fun to bi..

Speaking of food, godpa patronised that pasta stall again and tried out some spinach filled stuff (yucks!)

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