Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wet run

Godpa finally brought me out to the dogrun after so long. The Ang Mo Kio area was gloomy and it drizzled on our way there but godpa didn't allow the rain to dampen his resolve. We got there around 6pm, the ground was wet and there was only one other dog. I didn't mind coz I got the whole big section of BPDR to myself. The other dog occupied the adjacent smaller section. Godpa kept throwing one of my toys to see if I would fetch it but I preferred to let him do the chasing and fetch it himself.

Soon it got a bit boring and godpa spoke to the other dog's human companion, a young lady, to try and let me meet up with her dog. Was godpa trying to matchmake me like those human parents?! Hmm, he does look kinda cute; a young Singapore special with some hints of German Shepherd blood in him. I put on my usual airs (yes, it's fear aggression but I'm no easy girl either). Soon I was more comfortable with Beanie, who was a gentleman when it came to showing interest in me. We managed to do only a tiny bit of mutual chasing but godpa was overall happy that I had this experience. He noticed I could now run like the wind again, perhaps less fur meant I'm more aerodynamic?

Since it was wet and dirty, there were no photos of this excursion :( So I'm only showing what godpa ate for lunch and what I ate for treats! He told me the lor mee with much toppings came from a food centre on Ang Mo Kio Ave 10. And for me, I got to try yummy semi-moist lamb jerky.

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