Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Patience with food

I am very patient when it comes to food. This is how I look when godpa and family have their dinner. Sometimes I try to put up a show like pulling my play towel over and tossing it about to act cute. Mostly they ignore my antics.

I've not had brown rice for a long time since my days staying with Bear and Bruno. It sure looks delightful what godpa had for lunch today: brown rice with vegetarian curry, pumpkin, and bitter gouard. I don't mind taking scraps from the tail end of that meal.

Speaking of which, there's this fascination with my tail end at various angles. Perhaps it's rather inviting when I wag it rhythmically. However I think my eyes are much more alluring, and makes for a more photogenic picture (not forgetting it's less of an embarassment).

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